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Designz by Candice

Candice Motley
Demi's Salon and Day Spa
4819 San Juan Ave.
Jacksonville, Fl 32210

​(904) 501-1552

Office Hours: 
Monday  10:30 - 6
Tuesday 10:30 - 4
Thursday 11 - 7
Friday 10:30 - 6
Wednesday by appointment only
Not in the salon Saturday or Sunday

​Demi's Salon and Day Spa
4819 San Juan Ave.
Jacksonville, Fl 32210
(904) 501-1552
Online scheduling
Soapz Collection by Candice

I carry a line of body products from soaps to lip balm. Come in and experience the difference. New things are added weekly.

Aloe Gel: Main Ingredient in lotion and Body Butter

The ancient Egyptians call it “the plant of immortality”
Treats Sunburn, acts as a moisturizer
Treats acne, fights aging, minimizes scaring and   stretch marks
Contains over 75 nutrients

Coconut Oil 
Antiaging, antiviral, antifungal
High in vitamin E
Helps soothe eczema and psoriasis

Grapeseed Oil
Wrinkle and scar reduction
Prevention of acne 
Restores collagen helps fight aging, high in vitamin D, C and E
Rich in beta carotene  

Jojoba Oil
Closest to skins natural makeup
Antibacterial, Hypoallergenic
Prevents wrinkles
Does not clog pores

Sunflower Oil
Reduces acne
Prevents skin infections
Protects skin from sun damage
Prevents premature signs of aging

Olive Oil
High in vitamin E
Great for eczema and psoriasis

Almond Oil
Contains protein, Vitamin E and B
Reverse skin damage from the sun
Slows down aging process
Improves skin tone
Reduces inflammation and redness of the skin
Helps with the itching associated with eczema   and  psoriasis

Grapeseed extract is the preservative and the fragrant oils are therapeutic grade essential oils.