Probably the most popular massage with several techniques  to aid in stress and tension reduction, improve circulation and blood flow, remove toxic wastes, tone muscles and more. All basics strokes flow toward the heart while circulation increases without increasing pulse rate. Many modalities blend well with Swedish Massage.

30 min. $30
60 min. $69
90 min. $89


An incredible massage that gives your blood vessels an ebb and flow affect (hot and cold) that leaves you feeling completely relaxed, opens up tight muscles, removes toxins, and improves muscle tone .This therapy  relaxes, rejuvenates, soothes and balances the body.

30 min. $35
60 min. $79
90 min $99

This type of massage goes beyond the surface of the skin and underlying soft tissue to deep areas of the muscle and right to the belly of the muscle. As the name suggests, deep  is the key word here. Deep slow strokes using the hands, palms, fingers and elbow can cause some tenderness and soreness the day following a massage using deep tissue massage.

60 min $79
90 min $99


A combination of essential oils, hot stones and deep tissue massage.  

60 min $89
90 min $109

60 min $79

If you don't see a massage listed just ask.
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Office Hours:
Monday  10:30 - 6
Tuesday 10:30 -4
Thursday 11- 7 
Friday 10:30 - 6
Wednesday by appointment only
Not in the salon Saturday or Sunday
I have a rewards program for massages and facials

Monthly massages 
Swedish $49
Hot Stone $49
Facials $69
Massage and Facial $99

Benefits of Regular Massage

Physical Benefits

 * Relaxes the Body
 * Calms the Nervous System
 * Lowers Blood Pressure
 * Slows Respiration
 * Reduces heart rate
 * Loosens Tight Muscles
 * Stretches Connective Tissue
 * Reduces Chronic Pain
 * Increases Circulation
 * Improves Muscle Tone
 * Relieves Cramped Muscles
 * Speeds Recovery from Injury
 * Reduces Tension Headaches
* Decreases Muscle Deterioration
* Increases Range of Motion 
* Strengthens Immune System
* Reduces Swelling

Mental Benefits

 * Reduces Mental Stress
 * Promotes Quality Sleep
 * Induces Mental Relaxation
 * Improves Concentration

Emotional Benefits

 * Reduces Anxiety
 * Provides a Feeling of Well Being

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Reiki is a Japanese technique for stress reduction and relaxation that promotes healing. Reiki is powerful, simple discovered by Dr. Mikao Usui in the early 1900s, laying on hands and has been practiced for thousands of years.

Since Reiki is an energy directed modality technique, some people have trouble understanding exactly what Reiki is. The only visible part to this treatment is the practitioner placing hands on the clients body.

Reiki is a state of mind. Reiki comes from love, compassion and kindness. Energy flows through the practitioners body and into the person receiving the treatment.

The body, aura, emotional state and chakras are all taken into account during a healing session. The person administering often times gets feed-back images of the body while in the session that might be communicating ailment or illness in the body that requires extra care. The person receiving the treatment may not even be aware of these problem areas.

30 min $40
 60 min $60

Reiki Master Teacher
Third Degree Terra Mai Reiki Practitioner

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